A’s of Jeju

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- Discover the A's of Jeju!


Art can be found anywhere, especially on Jeju. Although small in size, Jeju is home to a variety of art museums and galleries that showcase unique exhibits throughout the year. Start your journey at the Jeju Museum of Art, where there are exhibits for both adults and children to explore for only 1,000 won.

▲ Jeju Museum of Art in Jeju Photo courtesy Jeju Museum of Art

If you enjoy the outdoors, head over to the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art. This peaceful art village is one, large garden where you can gaze upon outdoor statues as you walk from one gallery to the next.

▲ Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art in Jeju Photo courtesy Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art


Soju is the most popular alcohol in Korea, but did you know that Jeju has its own special alcohol too? Omegisul, also known as millet rice liquor, is a traditional Jeju alcohol made from fermented omegitteok rice cakes. Learn about the brewing process at Seongeup Folk Village. Another special alcohol that you can find in Jeju is the peanut makgeolli from Udo Island. Bring this nutty drink home as a special souvenir!

▲ Omegisul, Jeju's special alcohol Photo courtesy The Jeju Weekly


Agriculture is a prominent part of Jeju’s economy and culture. In the winter, you can see groves of trees, dotted with bright orange mandarins. Jeju also grows millet, barley, buckwheat, rice, and a lot of carrots! One of the most innovative farming technologies on Jeju is the “batdam” - stone walls built to protect crops from wind and animals. This method was recognized by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization for its efficacy.

▲ The bright orange mandarins Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization


Autumn on Jeju is a sweet painting of dancing Eulalia against cerulean blue skies. You should take advantage of the cool weather to hike up Hallasan and see the changing autumn leaves; or trek one of the 300 oreums (volcanic hills) around Jeju for a spectacular landscape view. If you prefer a long walk, then explore the olle trails, and end the day with a hot snack like “odaeng” or “hotteok”. Beautiful scenery and good food await you on Jeju in autumn!

▲ Dancing Eulalia against cerulean blue skies Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

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