B’s of Jeju

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- Discover the B's of Jeju!

Batdam are unique stone walls on Jeju farms. Farmers build batdam to protect their crops from wind and animals. They’re also useful to reduce water evaporation and prevent soil erosion. Batdam are built by hand, slowly layering stones on top of one another without the use of cement or concrete. If you added up all of the batdam in Jeju, there would be more than 22,000 kilometers of these volcanic walls.

▲ Batdam or stone wall on Jeju Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

Jeju is the perfect place for beach-hopping. There are at least 20 beaches around the island. In the summer, beaches like Jungmun, Samyang, and Pyoseon are popular because of their festivals and water activities. During the cooler months, Gimnyeong and Woljeongri beach are worth a visit for their ocean view and cute cafes by the boardwalk. From black sand to horse-shaped lighthouses, each Jeju beach hold something special.

▲ Jungmun Beach Photo courtesy Jeju Tourism Organization

For those who enjoy an active lifestyle, biking is a great way to explore Jeju island. There are various bike paths that will take you along the breezy coast and through quaint little villages and towns. Along the way, you can rest at local guest houses or even camp on the beach. If you are looking for a little competition, Jeju also hosts cycling marathons and festivals throughout the year.

▲ Riding a bike along the breezy coast Photo courtesy Jinmin Jeon

Jeju is beautiful year round, from the winter wonderland of Hallasan to the fields of canola flowers in spring. Take a hike up Seongsan Ilchulbong in the early morning to watch the first ray of sun kiss the land. Stroll along the coast during sunset and see the sky change a myriad of colors. Jeju nature is a beautiful treasure waiting for you to discover.

▲ Sunrise at Seongsan Ilchulbong in the early morning Photo courtesy Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

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